Pine Valley Sportsmen, Inc.


Last update on:

February 14th, 2020

          92 Acre Annex

The 92 acre plus annex is finalized.  Also, do not venture into the neighbors property. Physical boundary lines are currently being installed. Please click to expand map.

       New Retaining Wall

Below is the new retaining wall installed by the pool sidewalk. Job well done!

Yearly Accomplishments

       New Restroom Plans

Below is the new restroom plan mandated by the State of Ohio. Please click to expand picture.

       New Graveled Road 

   We now have a newly graveled road for the lots located across from the Trap House.  Job well done!


       Jake sent some  pics of the bathroom

      project in the Club House shown below.


       Ron Pasco sent some  pics of the paving

      project in front of the the Club House shown