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Last update on:
July 20th, 2024

         The By-laws       10-28-2020

          Bylaw Changes

          Park Rules

          Speed Limits

Please obey all speed limits! They are strictly enforced with possible expulsion from the club! The entrance to the club is 20 MPH while the road in front of the club house is posted  at 5 MPH.  All other roads are 10 MPH. Please be courteous to other members and lot owners  when dusty road conditions apply. Also, inform guests who are visiting our club of these speed limits.  Thank you!    

      Daily Fish Limit

  Please register all fish.

          Daily Limits

          per member:

  • Walleye         2
  • Trout              3
  • White Bass   3
  • Black Bass    3 (14" min)
  • Catfish          5
  • Bluegill       10 (6" min)
  • Perch            5
  • Crappie        5

  •   Members can only take a two day "Daily Limit" per week from Sunday to Sunday.
  • Guests of  members must sign-in and pay $20.00 to fish. They and the representing member are not allowed to keep any fish that day.
  • Members can bring in one guest of opposite sex and fish for free.

 21 House Rule for Alcolhol

      Pine Valley Dues 2020

        New Park Rule for Drugs

 If any person is caught or arrested with illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia then they will be under the penalty of expulsion from the club!!!

        New Park Rule for Pets

 Pets in the picnic area or shelter should be on a leash and are to be picked up after!!! No pets in the swimming pool, pool area, and clubhouse. All dogs, unless being used for hunting purposes, should be on a leash at all times while on club property!!!

New Park Rule for Vicious Dogs

             ORC 955 28 Vicious Dog Laws in Ohio

Dogs must be on a leash not more than (6) six feet long chain. A breed commonly known as a Pit Bull must be registered with a tag that states name of the owner.

It also must be confined in a locked pen with a top.

House Bill 955 28 states a person can kill dog if being chased or apparent attitude of attack, or attempts to bite or endanger a person or other animal!!!