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Last update on:

March 16th, 2023

            Events Calendar

  Safety Update for the Rifle Range:                               3 white posts were placed on the right side of the rifle range as a safety boundary marker.                       NO ONE IS TO SHOOT ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THEM!

               Trap Shoot

                          Scheduled Below:

       February 2023

      See you then!!!

 There are numerous events coming around the corner. We need volunteers to make these events great! Also, they would satisfy the mandatory work day requirement! So please make this club great!!!


             Fishing Bait now available for 2022

        2023 Catfish Tournament  

                          Sign up sheet Below:

        2023 Kids Easter Party 

                          April 8th 2 to 4 PM

        2023 Spaghetti Dinner 

                          April 29th at 4 PM