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Last update on:

March 16th, 2023

The procedure for new memberships:

The process for next new membership begins in May 2020. An applicant needs to have 2 Sponsors.

One of the 2 Sponsors has to have attended a total of 4 monthly meetings between March 2019 and Feb 2020 in order to secure an application.

Once an application has been filled out and signed by those 2 Sponsors the entrant must make an appearance at Pine Valley within 30 days and pay the annual membership fee. Once this is accomplished, the new entrant would become a Temporary Member. He could remain a Temporary Member for several years depending on attrition. Temporary Members for the most part only have a few limitations (e.g., can’t attend monthly meetings).

*Dues are $100.00, there is no work day needed this year, they are due by March 31st.

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