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Last update on:
July 20th, 2024

                     Congratulate August ( Junior ) Marbais

                     for retiring with over 25 years as a trustee!

                     He has over 32 years serving the club!    

Officers and Staff for 2020

                             President:           Jake Nameth

               Vice President:          Ed Sambuco

 Secretary / Treasurer:          Chris Uscio

                         Trustees:          Anthony Hicks,   Dan Torok

                                                     John Zamski,       Mike Thomas  

                                                    Tim Newmnan,   Mitch Wease

                            Judicial:         Roy Grant,            Jerry Pruneski

                                                    Roger Gibbons,   Joe Doty

                                                    Darren Kornetti 

         Sergeant of Arms:         John Verones

               Park Foreman:         Vicky Gibbons

                Web Designer:        Scott Kerkuta

                     Below, President Jake Nemeth congratulates                        retired Vice President James Branum for his

                     many years of service to the club!    

                     President Jake Nemeth had new officer

                     name plates made for our official plaque!    

              In appreciation is a plaque made for the late

            President Robert Merriman listed below. He

            dedicated many years of service as a member and

            a leader for our club!

             Below Jake presents James Dowdell a plaque for of

         service as an officer and a member.

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