Pine Valley Sportsmen, Inc.


Last update on:

February 14th, 2020

  Welcome to the Pine Valley Sportsman's Club located in the Southern part of Jefferson County Ohio.                 Please correspond your thoughts, ideas, and pictures to better improve our web site for all to enjoy!

   email:                        Thanks,      Scott                                       

       Please note for  2020:

All members were required to put in a work day or pay $100.00  upon renewal for next year's membership!!! Now the work day is not mandatory. This rule was eliminated for 2020 due to the virus pandemic.

Lets hope 2021 will be much better.

Thank you!

  Its the start of a new year and below are a couple of pics from January 1st. 

*  Below was the September 12th Trap Shooot!           Call  Joe Shinoski @ 740-827-7411 or Jim Mohney@ 740-359-1910 for any questions.

    *Masks must be worn at all times in and around the

    club house/pavilion area. This includes surrounding area.

  *Masks can only be removed while seated at a table

    eating and or drinking. Again, no exceptions!!!

   *Per the governor, the club house will close at 10:00PM!

   * The By-Laws are now updated. Click Here to read.

   *Dues are $100.00, there is no work day, due by March 31st.

   *Gun raffle tickets are now available at the club house,

    and from  Tim Newman or John Zamski!

    Call  cell (740)491-8574 or (740)-546-4541. 

    Signed:        Jake Nemeth   

                                                    Thank you!

  Safety Update for the Rifle Range:                               3 white posts were placed on the right side of the rifle range as a safety boundary marker.                       NO ONE IS TO SHOOT ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THEM!

      The Pistol Range was recently upgraded.             Jake sent me the pictures below. 

        Joe sent me some pics from the Nov 1st

       Luck and Slug Shoot and mine from Nov 8th.

       Jake sent some  pics of the bathroom

      project in the Club House shown below.

  Below are several pictures of Lake #4                           spillway upgrade.

  Below are several pictures of

  outdoor meeting.

        Below are the details for the

        April 24th 2021 Gun Raffle.