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Last update on:

March 16th, 2023

  Welcome to the Pine Valley Sportsman's Club located in the Southern part of Jefferson County Ohio.                 Please correspond your thoughts, ideas, and pictures to better improve our web site for all to enjoy!

   email:                        Thanks,      Scott                                       

       Please note for  2022:

All members are required to put in a work day or pay $100.00  upon renewal for next year's membership!!! Now the work day is mandatory. This rule was eliminated for 2020 due to the virus pandemic.

It is now back in effect for 2022.

Thank you!

  Its the start of a new year and below are a couple of pics from January 1st. 

Entrance gate will require your unique ID to enter.   All member entrance codes are now programmed into the

  front slide gate. Please start  using your assigned code.

 Please text (740) 424-3086 for any issues, missing                        codes, or technicalities. Thank you!

 * The By-Laws are now updated. Click Here to read.

 *Current Meeting Highlights, Click Here to read.

*Trap shoot will be announced this spring. Contact Joe Shinosky at (740) 827-74 11 .

 *The Club now has bait for fishing!

*The Chili cook-off had 13 entries and 50 people!

*The Club now has bait for fishing!

*Sealed Bid Auction for the 4x4 16.5 HP Diesel Kubota tractor listed below. Please place your name and  bid in a sealed blank envelope. Starting bid will be $2,000.00. Give to the club house or any trustee. Winner will be announced during the next club meeting in April.


  Safety Update for the Rifle Range:                               3 white posts were placed on the right side of the rifle range as a safety boundary marker.                       NO ONE IS TO SHOOT ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THEM!

       Please note that "expiring membership dues notice" will no longer be mailed out! Your dues must be in the Club's possession by March 31st. No exceptions! Remember your dues expires

December 31st. There is a 90 day grace period.

       Applications for new membership will not be accepted at this time. Hopefully in the near future!

Below are some aerial photos.

Family Day Picnic 2022  

Kid's 2022 Easter Party pics below.

May 2022 Trap Shoot pics below

May & June 2022  pics below

             Gun Bash September 10th Winners:

2:00 - Winchester XPR 350, V*W P**t 6*6 Bellaire Ohio

2:15 - Glock G28 10mm, Joe R****Y

2:30 - Mossberg 410 Camo, Matt B*****Y

2:45 - Ruger Mark 4 Lite 22LR, Jay F*****L

3:00 - Savage 6MM w/ scope, Alan W******E Jr.

3:15 - Taurus 66 357 Pistol, Aaron H*****D

3:30 - Savage 17 cal. w/ scope, Christina G******K

3:45 - ATI 1911 22 cal. , Jake E*****H

4:00 - Savage 6.5 Creedmoor w/ scope, Robert M****N

4:15 - 1st 50/50,  Janie J***S

4:30 - Kimber 45 Custom 2 , Leroy C*E

4:45 - Winchester 5x4 Semi 12 Ga.  , Teri P*****N

5:00 - S&W M&P 556 Flat Darr Earth, Luke B***S

5:15 - Springfield XDM Elite 9MM, Shawn S*******N

5:30 - Ruger American 450 Bushmaster, Dave K*****I

5:45 - Winchester Upland 12 Ga. , Frank M*C*******Y

6:00 - Glock Gas 40 Cal. 13 Rd High Cap, Chris R*****S

6:15 - Cash, Bob M******N

6:30 - Kimber 380, Denny Z*****R

6:45 - Henry All Weather 45 Cal. , Scott V*N D**E

7:00 - 2nd 50/50, Terri P*****N

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

 Thank you to all the workers to make this

 a successful event!!!


Latest News

Fireworks Show 2022  pics below

Fish Fry 2022  pics below

Summer 2022  pics below

Please click on the video below.

             Fall 2022

 Kids Halloween Party 2022.

      Kids Christmas Party 2022

*St Patty's Party this Friday during the drawing.

*Spaghetti Dinner April 29th @ 4:00 PM.

Covered dishes are welcomed!

*Kid's Easter Party April 8th 2 to 4 PM.