Pine Valley Sportsmen, Inc.


Last update on:

September 14th, 2021

  Welcome to the Pine Valley Sportsman's Club located in the Southern part of Jefferson County Ohio.                 Please correspond your thoughts, ideas, and pictures to better improve our web site for all to enjoy!

   email:                        Thanks,      Scott                                       

       Please note for  2021:

All members are required to put in a work day or pay $100.00  upon renewal for next year's membership!!! Now the work day is mandatory. This rule was eliminated for 2020 due to the virus pandemic.

It is now back in effect for 2021.

Thank you!

  Its the start of a new year and below are a couple of pics from January 1st. 


   * The By-Laws are now updated. Click Here to read.

   *Many important news updates. Click Here to read.

   *Trap Shoot for September 18th at 10:00 AM.

     Click Here to see the flyer!

   *New plaques made for the late President Robert

     Merriman and James Dowdell. Click Here to read.

   *What a great turn out for the July 3rd fireworks show.

      See the fire works pictures below.

    * 62 acres in the process to be annexed by Wednesday.

       Click Here to see the map.

    * Click Here to see pics of the docks & tables

       that were power washed. Thanks volunteers!

    * September Gun Raffle Tickets winners shown below.

       Click Here to see the winners!!!

    * Kids Halloween Party October 23rd @ 4:00 PM.

       Adult Halloween Party October 30th @ 8:00 PM. 

    *Family Day was a huge success! See the pics above.

      Thanks to all the workers who made it happen!

    *Construction on Dam #4 as of August.

      Click Here to see the slide show.

  Safety Update for the Rifle Range:                               3 white posts were placed on the right side of the rifle range as a safety boundary marker.                       NO ONE IS TO SHOOT ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THEM!

        Joe sent me some pics from the Nov 1st

       Luck and Slug Shoot and mine from Nov 8th.

       The above slideshow is the 2021

       4th of July fireworks! Thank you!!!

       Please note that "expiring membership dues notice" will no longer be mailed out! Your dues must be in the Club's possession by March 31st. No exceptions! Remember your dues expires December 31st. There is a 90 day grace period.